Anna Arthur
Nickname(s) N/A
Age 7, 8, or, 9
Ethnicity Indian American
Series information
First seen Tut, Tut (TV Episode)
Last seen Plaid to the Bone (TV Episode)
Portrayer Annick Obonsawin
Anna is Joe's younger sister. She doesn't have many friends because she does not enjoy kareoke-ing or dolls very much. She seems to be unusually gifted with The Book,even knowing about the transporter page (Which Samantha uses in Lewis and Clark), despite Joe continually saying that she doesn't know anything. She suspects that all of the women in her family are highly gifted with magic, but try hard not to show it. She is incredibly bright and learns much from observing the outside world. (To Joe, it's called "spying.") Anna's favorite ice cream flavor is rainbow sherbet, and if she were in a movie, she would be portrayed by Natalie Portman.


  • "Tut, Tut"
  • "See You Later, Gladiator"
  • "Wushu Were Here"
  • "Plaid to the Bone"


  • She's voiced by the same actress who plays Inez from Cyberchase.