Joe is disapearing, and Sam & Fred warp to India in 720 B.C. Where the not only meet Joe's Indian ancestors, but find Samantha & Freddi.


Joe wakes up to find himself slowly disappearing. Sam and Fred use the book to go back to 8th century India to help get his ancestors together. At the same time Samantha and Freddi are there to help Jodie from disappearing.


India, 720 B.C.


Fred, Freddi, Sam, Samantha, Joe ( for a while)


Samantha: "Jodie knew something was up when her pinky toe started fading."

Historic figuresEdit

Non really. Joe and Jodie's ancestors Prince Karna and Prinecese Laksmi

Trivia Edit

  • Mad Jack is not very smart since he tried to stop Joe and Jodie's ancestors from marring, and they are in the same family, that would prevent him from being born as well.
  • However, Joe's dad might be of Hindu decent, so Mad Jack, Uncle Joe, and Joe's mom wouldn't be affected.
  • In Hindu mythologly, Lakshmi was the wife of Vishnu, the creator of the earth. In the show, Lakshmi is Joe's ancestor. But maybe she is just named after Lakshmi. Lot's of people in India do name their kid's after gods and goddess's.
  • Joe and Jodie are assumed to be royalty, since they have a prince and princess as a ancestor.
  • Sam is seen without specs for the 5th time, at the wedding he can be seen whiping tears from his eyes and holding the specs in his hands.
  • Goof: When the princess is deciding who to marry, Samantha & Freddi can be seen in their normal clothes, rather than their Indian clothes.
  • When Fred is thought to be dead or dying, it would be apparant that he's still alive since Freddi hasn't shown any signs of disappearing.

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