Nickname(s) None
Age 10
Ethnicity Italian American
Series information
First seen 2105
Last seen The High and The Flighty
Portrayer Sunday Muse

Freddi is a nice, yet phobic girl, from 2105. She's Fred's great grand daughter, and his opposite, making her more similar to Sam. She's smarter than Fred. Her signature color is purple, and she has short straight blond hair, and wears boots. She has been brave at times, although she is normally overly nervous/cautious. She is voiced by Sunday Muse.


  • Freddi is claustrophobic
  • Freddi's pet peeves include worms, moths, dark rooms, closed spaces, snakes, flight, water, heights, stairs, going too fast, going too slow, and spiders
  • Freddi, according to her profile, isn't good at speaking French
  • Freddi is, according to Fred, the smallest of all six kids
  • Freddi narrated Birdman or Birdbrain? (TV Episode) and The High and the Flighty (TV Episode)
  • Freddi is voiced by Sunday Muse
  • Freddi is the only warper that wears boots
  • Freddi (in the books) has a brother
  • In the books, Freddi's real name is Freida

Appearances Edit


"Dear Diary, Today Samantha came over, and I swam through shark infested waters with a tern egg on my forhead. Other than that, nothing much."

Members of The Time Warp Trio







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