Hey Kid, Want To Buy A Bridge? (book)
Author Jon Scieszka
Illustrator Adam McCauley
Publication Order
Preceded by
Sam Samurai
Followed by
Viking It and Liking It


Thanks to their magical book, Joe, Fred, and Sam inadvertently travel through time to 1877 New York City, where they and their great-granddaughters, who have also come from the future, try to find a way back to their own time.




  • Sam: We didn't go too far in the future. We went into the past. No one has invented skyscrapers yet. They haven't finished building the Brooklyn Bridge!
  • Joe: But how did The Book backfire us into the past? And why are we on top of this bridge tower? We were talking about the future, and inventions, and our great-granddaughters. 


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