Nickname(s) Sam the Man
Age 10
Ethnicity Russian American
Series information
First seen The Not So Jolly Roger (TV Episode)
Last seen Harem Scare'em (TV Episode)
Portrayer Darren Frost

Sam is a 10 year old boy who uses book smarts, calculations, and research to get himself and the gang out of harm's way. Even though his ideas and expansive knowledge of history help the group escape several bad situations, he stills worries that his knowledge makes him a bit of a nerd. Sam is also very wary of time travel, and he's convinced their doom is imminent every time they open The Book. According to Freddi, Sam will invent something important in the future, but she won't tell him what (She almost does, but The Book takes her back to her own time before she does; she said to Sam "You're going to figure out a way to...") Sam is lactose intolerant and has many allergies.


  • Sam is the smallest male protagonist.
  • Sam is voiced by Canadian comedian Darren Frost, who, ironically, is profane in real life, unlike Sam.
  • Sam, despite his personality, seems to be very popular with girls.
  • Sam is the only character with glasses to be seen without them.
  • Sam seems to have very poor vision, which is the reason why he wears glasses.
  • Sam has only narrated one episode (Harem Scare'em (TV Episode)), although he did co-narrate What's So Great About Peter? (TV Episode) with Samantha
  • Sam is right handed.
  • Sam is the smartest main character.
  • Sam is an only child (seemingly).
  • Sam has a pet hamster (according to Dude, Where's My Karma? (TV Episode).
  • Sam seems to have a slight lisp.
  • Sam's family has a lot of members who wear glasses (Samantha, his grandfather, Alexander Kikin, etc).
  • Sam's last name could be Kikin, but it's not for sure, but he is of Russian decent.
  • Sam is the only one of the boys to wear kakhi pants and white shoes.
  • He and Fred don't get along really well.
  • On the website, Sam's real name is Samuel, which was never mentioned in the series.
  • In the books, he wears a dark red polo shirt, dark blue jeans and sneakers.

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"Fred those aren't lobsters, they're scorpians. One sting can cause convulsions, foaming at the mouth, and DEATH!"

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