Sam Samurai (book)
Author Jon Scieszka
Illustrator Adam McCauley
Publication Order
Preceded by
See You Later, Gladiator
Followed by
Hey Kid, Want To Buy A Bridge?


While working on a haiku homework assignment, Joe, Fred, and Sam accidentally trigger The Book, which sends them to 17th-century Japan. With the Auto-Translator malfunctioning, the trio will have to overcome the language barrier and try to make it out alive, while also learning a thing or two about Japanese culture in the process.




  • Sam: Look out, Fred! He's going for his sword!
  • Sam: Do not move an inch. If we're where I think we are, we are dead meat. 
  • Fred: What are you talking about? So we're proabably in Japan. I'll bet we can get some great noodles and sushi. 
  • Joe: Gee, Mr. Samurai guy, we are very sorry for time warping into your house like this. All we have to do is find our Book and then we'll be back on our way. Okay? 
  • Sam: I think he's testing us. 
  • Fred: Well, I think I've had about enough testing. Tell him it's been real, it's been nice, but we've got a Book to catch. 
  • Sam: Patience. Samurai are impressed by patience and control.  


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