See You Later, Gladiator (book)
Author Jon Scieszka
Illustrator Adam McCauley
Publication Order
Preceded by
It's All Greek To Me
Followed by
Sam Samurai


Joe, Fred, and Sam demonstrate some of their professional wrestling moves, including the "Time Warp Trio Blind Ninja Smackdown", when they're transported to ancient Rome and forced to fight as gladiators in the Colosseum.


Rome, Italy, 120 A.D



  • Sam: I cannot believe I let myself get dragged into this time-travel-try-to-find-that-disappearing-Book thing again.
  • Fred: Ah, what's the big deal? It's just a little accident. This could be a great chance to see some real wrestling. 
  • Sam: Just a little accident? Then why don't you explain the little accident to our friend with the trident? 


  • The book's title is a pun on the phrase "See you later, alligator". 
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