Joe, Fred and Sam warp to Babylon to figure out who stole The Book and meet King Nebuchadnezzar II and Queen Amyitis, the creators of the Famous Hanging Gardens. Can they recover the book before all of Babylon is destroyed, and Joe's evil uncle Mad Jack takes over the world?

Setting Edit

580 B.C., Babylon


  • Joe
  • Sam
  • Fred
  • Freddi
  • Mad Jack
  • Hamonri
  • Queen Amyitis
  • King Nebuchadnezzar II (minor role)
  • Joe's mom (cameo at the end)
  • Jodie (mentioned)
  • Anna (mentioned)


Freddi:" Here give it to me. We'll be here for centuries before you learn how to use it properly. And to think your going to be a warp wizard."

Joe: "Warp wizard? Wait you have to tell me more! When do I get to become a Warp Wizard? What do I have to do? COME BACK!!!"

Historic figuresEdit

King Nebuchadnezzar

Queen Amyitis

Trivia Edit

  • Sam is seen without his specs for the 4th time; a monkey swipes them.
  • Hammonri's name is a parody of "ham on rye".
  • Mad Jack introduces himself for the first time. He has made hidden cameos in other episodes
  • Hammonri nearly destroys the universe.
  • In the backround of Joe's room you can see he has a goldfish.
  • The Book breaks in this episode.
  • First time Mad Jack is not a background character.

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