Love and Peace


Sam, Fred, and Joe are the main warpers, with Jodie, Samantha, & Freddi (and possibly Anna?)


Woodstock (the film) is rated R for nudity (hippie strippers), drug use, and some foul language.

I got this inspiration from walterwalterson's post on one of the Time Warp Trio forums on (walter walterson is a user). If there ever is a 2nd season and the creaters see this, it maybe more than one episode long.

Requirements & Tips


The boys will need to pack meals/lunches that'll last 3 days because the food at Woodstock is hard to get with over a million people, and could be spiked with LSD (see Drugs). Hopefully Fred won't eat it all and the boys won't take the risk of an acid trip. Beware of the "special brownies", they might contain pot/weed.


Woodstock is full of people and while the festivle is going on, a film is being made and the boys could get caught and recognized in the future. They'll need to wear some hippie clothes (not too stereotypical), something that'll make them blend in. They'll also nned to pack extra clothes because there are no showers, at some point it rains, and so Sam won't complain much.

Possible desgises

  • Sam: a blue-green t-shirt with a peace sign on it, bead necklace, blue sunglass lenses, a small brown vest, kakies with, his shoes (with socks), his hair in a Beatles-style kind of cut
  • Fred: a leather vest, blue jeans with holes in the knees, shoes, his hair looks more like an afro
  • Joe: Tye-Dye t-shirt, green head band, old blue jeans, shoes
  • Sammantha: has her hair down (and long?), tye-dye t-shirt, a vest-like thing (that came with a different shirt), brown (leather or velvet) pants, peace sign necklace, shoes, specs (of course)
  • Freddi: bead bracelets and necklace, jeans with a flower on them, purple headband, a shirt with some sort of hippie fashion to it, sandals
  • Jodie: pants that're loose at the legs, a "drooping" shirt, shoes, earings, sunglasses


The boys either have to bring sleeping bags and/or a tent because ther are no cabins. A tent is best reccomended, since Sam is allergic to grass.


They'll have to go before they warp because the bathrooms will be crouded. The bathrooms don't flush, and (for Sam's sake) they'll have to take some soap or hand sanitizer.


A lot of the people at Woodstock take drugs (mainly LSD and marijuana) and the boys know not ot smoke, but LSD however, could be put in their food and drink (see Food above). Pills are also bad. If any one of the boys gets spiked, it'll probably be Fred.

-LSD: also known as "acid", is a hullucinegenic drug that makes you see things that aren't really there.

-Marajuana: also known as "weed", "pot", "grass", "joint", "reefers" etc., is a very common form of cannibis that causes the user to get mellow, and relaxed. Some effects include: the munchies, loss of memory, lack of focus, the giggles, red eyes (blood-shot wise), dry mouth, increased heart rate, and relaxed muscles. The drug content (in away), is a way of saying no to drugs (in the episode).


Alot of the hippies like to strip down in the nude, and the boys are probably at the stage where they are squimish towards naked parts. It's just a heads up. Hopefully, the Book has a "censored mode".


If Sam wants to get clean, here's his answer: the lake (or is it a pond?). However, alot of hippies use this area for skinny dipping (swimming nude), so there. The boys can bring their swim trunks if they want to.

8.No political statements

This is mainly a heads up for Sam, he could end up like Abbie Hoffman (see "Don't get on stage while the Who perform"). Sam is the most logical one, so this is just a warning.

9.Don't get on stage while the Who perform

Abbie Hoffman made a big mistake when he decided to make his political speech about the arrest of John Sinclair: guitarist, Pete Townshed gave him a near death experiance. Pete could care less of what Hoffman was trying to do, when the Who are performing, Pete just wants to get it over with without any interuptions, save autographs for off stage. Then again, the boys are probably smart enough not to get on stage anyway.

10. Don't lose the Book!

Joe seems to have a hard time holding on to the Book, while Jodie doesn't have much of a problem when she uses it. Acid taking hippies may do something stupid with it and change time. Mad Jack might use this as an opperotunity.It's a big crowd and stuff gets lost easily. Best to talk to Jodie. Best to bring a bag to put the Book in along with the food.


3 days of love, peace, & music. For information about who performs when and what, print the schedule off Wikipedia. Before warping to Woodstock watch the film, I recommend watching it on live tv because the DVD will more than likely be uncensored, just a tip. To see some performances not shown in the film, look on the internet for videos.

12.Warping to Woodstock

Make sure you warp in the woods and off camera, because although alot of hippies are tripping their brains out on acid (LSD), remember that there is a film being made and yo don't want that caught on tape.


Sam has an interest in oldies music, and one time at Joe's house with Joe and Fred, is watching "Woodstock" on Vh1 Classic. Although "Woodstock" is rated R, Sam said that it was a historical documentary, and censored foul language and nude parts(and his convincing got approval from his mom to watch it if it was on tv and/or cencored). Joe was thinking of going to Woodstock to do something nice for Sam, but Sam's sensefulness made Joe put more thought into it. And with Sam's reluctant help (Joe told him that they wouldn't have to worry about nearly getting killed), the boys started packing up and getting into costume for the festival (while his mom was out of town so she wouldn't get suspicious). One last problem was how were they gonna keep the Book? Sam wrote a note and put it in the Book, hoping that the girls would get it and give them advice. And sure enough, the girls appear in joe's room through the pocket watch. All of them are dressed and ready for the festival, because they were intriged/interested. Jodie then warps all 6 of them to Woodstock (luckily, they weren't caught on camera).

(Work in progress)


The raining incident: When the rain starts coming, the 6 kids head for the tent (for Jodie and Sam's sake). When the hippies start chanting some tune (I can't write the chant in words), Fred sees some people playing in a mudslide and joins in, with Samantha and Joe right behind him.  


  • [Sam is bathing in an empty part of the lake his bathing suit, and a teenage girl swims to him]

-Sam: AAAAAHHH! A little privacy here! I know there's a huge crowd here, but I prefer to bathe alone.

-Girl:[the girl swims next to him] Sorry about that, I couldn't help but notice a young heart throb like you out here alone. [she puts her arm around him].

-SamTell me you're wearing a bathing suit. Me? A heart throb? I'm only 10, and you're a teenager. Does that turn you off?

-Girl: Do you wanna go skinny dipping later?

-Sam: No. I'm not comfterble swimming without my swim trunks, yet swim with a group of nude swimmers.

-Girl: How about just you and me?

-Sam: Are you high? You haven't acknowledged what I've said. And could you let me go? I feel uncomfterble.

-Girl: [lets go] I might be. I can't help it, you turn me on, even though you're a just a boy. [swims away].

[Sam gets out of the water and darts for the woods].

  • Fred: I need to stay awake incase anything good plays.

-Hippie: Here, try some pills. It'll keep you up for hours. [holds out amphetemines]

-Fred: If you say so.

-Sam: NO! Fred, that could be amphetemines, and you don't wanna know what'll happen to you if you take it. [to hippie] Sorry, man, not interested. Besides Fred, we have soda that's full of caffine.

-Fred: Oh, yeah.

  • [Fred unknowingly eats a brownie with marajuana in it]

-Fred: You shou-should try these brownies. They're sssooo goood. What're you all lookin' at me like zat for?

-Samantha: Where did you get that?

-Fred:[hesitates] ....These dudes have made brownies and they're givin' em out for free.

-Jodie: You smell odd. I mean like unusual.

-Sam: Fred did you smoke weed?

-Fred: No no, I-I-I just got a brownie. The guys who gave it to me were smoking.

-Sam: You're high, and you need to sit down and wait for it to wear off. This is why I warned you not to accept food from people unless we packed it.

  • [while watching The Who perform]

-Abbie Hoffman: I think it's a pile of [censored] while John Sinclaire rots in prision......

-Freddi: Look! There's a guy onstage and I don't think he's part of the band.

-Sam: That's Abbie Hoffman. [whispers] And he's about to suffer a near death experiance.

-Fred: Who's he?

-Sam: A radical activist, now watch. [Abbie Hoffman is "getting beat up". Pete Townshend walks to the microphone

-Pete Townshend: Any one else who walks across this stage is gonna [censored] die. I mean it.